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Wedding Cakes - A few things to consider


Deciding on a wedding cake is a fun and often difficult decision. There is so much to chose from and can sometimes feel a bit daunting. For this reason I offer a free no obligation wedding cake consultaion for all wedding cakes this will involve you coming in to have a chat about the sort fo cake you are thinking of. Bringing with you any fabric swatches, flower ideas, inviations, theme ideas or anything that will inspire your cake design. If you have a photo of the desired cake already this is also great, from this consuttion I can follow up with a detailed quote and supply desired cake samples to take home to taste.


Cake Flavours

Different flavoured tiers are becoming ever more popular. Please visit my cake information page for flavours or if you have another idea in mind let me know and I can get some samples made up or you! Please bear in mind that if you are considering fruit cake this must be the bottom tier of the cake as they are too heavy to be tiered ontop of sponges.



Please note that all cakes are structured using wooden cake dowels. Each tier will contain multiple wooden dowels underneath a single thick cake board. This ensures the cake does not sink and collapse on your day! I also use a dowel through the centre of the cake which goes through each tier and gives the cake added stability whilst transporting


How far in advance

Wedding cakes can be booked way in advance of your wedding date, so you could come and book as soon as you have set the date. Minimum booking would be at least 5 weeks (7 weeks or fruit cakes) this would be possible although could be a rush and on busy times of the year this may not be possible


Delivery or collection

I do prefer to deliver wedding cakes just because they do require very careful transportation and any wrong handling could cause the cake to fall off balance and collapse in on itself. Also some cakes require set up at the venue. Delivery would either need to be on the evening before the wedding or on the morning of a wedding and I would ask for the venue to have the table and if applicable cake stand in place. Once the cake has been delivered and placed at the venue I cannot hold any responsibility for anyone else who may move the cake.


Cake size

The most popular tiered wedding cake combinations are 12" 9" & 6", 10", 8" & 6" or if you are thinking of a 4 tier 12", 9", 6" & 3" or 10", 8" 6" & 4"

For a top tier I would suggest a 6" or smaller a 7" would pprobably be the biggest I would go for, an 8" + provides a large area to cover and con sometimes look a bit sparse and cause the cake to look out of proportion having said that if you design lends itself to a large top tier then there is no reason why this cannot be done. Generally though a 6" or smaller top tier adds an elegance to the cake and provides a brilliant size area to adorn atop a wedding cake.

When deciding on the size of the cake for your wedding you might like to look at the cake servings guide do note though that generally wedding cake does not get eaten by all guests especially after a big meal or buffet. For that reason the above tiers are a good size wedding cake to go for it provides a lovely sized wedding cake and should be just the right amount of cake. Do bear in mind when looking at cake sizes that each tier is around 3.5" - 4" in depth.


Wedding cake prices

Cake price will vary greatly on each cake price all depends on size of the cake, Flavours and detail. As a guide to price