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Starry Cakes

Cake flavours


All cakes are made using only free range eggs

Most Cakes are split into three sections and have 2 layers of fillings


Victoria sponge - My sponge cake is made using a very fine cake flour, this gives it a very light moist texture. The sponge cake is filled with a vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam.


Chocolate party sponge - This chocolate cake is a cocoa based sponge. It has a very chocolately light moist flavour. Filled with chocolate buttercream


Chocolate special - This cake is made using fresh cream and 70% chocolate. Very chocolatey and extravagant, it is filled with a chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream


Chocolate orange - Rich chocolate cake with an orangey twist. Filled with Chocolate ganache and a thin layer of orange curd


Zesty Lemon - A lovely light lemon cake, A hint of lemon in the mixture and a drizzle of lemon juice at the end of baking. Filled with a vanilla buttercream and a thin layer of lemon curd


Light Fruit Cake - A light golden fruit cake, packed with juicy fruits and mixed spices. A much lighter non alcoholic choice. Perfect for summer weddings or special occasions


Rich fruit cake - Packed full of brandy soaked juicy fruits and mixed spices this all butter fruit cake provides a lovely rich fruit cake flavour. Cakes are made 6 weeks in advance and fed regularly with brandy

Starry Cakes