I am now on Maternity leave as of June 2015 - March 2016.


Starry Design Studio opened for business in October 2010.




I am a Northampton based cake designer specialising in specially designed cakes, Cupcakes and cookies. Anything is possible!! The more challenging the better


Starry Design Studio is owned by Samm - being completely self taught I have a natural talent and love for cake decorating - having studied fashion for 5 years and attending The London College of Fashion at degree level I have an ability to design something from beginning to end and also add an extra creative twist on your ideas.



All my cakes are baked in my specially converted studio, which meets all food hygiene standards, I also hold a full food hygiene certificate.


Why Vegetarian?

All cakes are made using only free range eggs!!! all cakes are 100% vegetarian, ingredients are kept in an area where no meat is present and all cakes are baked in an oven designated for cake baking only. Any sweets on cakes are also 100% vegetarian. I live a strict vegetarian lifestyle and it is very important to me, as most veggies I like to know that the food in which I eat has not been in any contact with or cooked in the same oven as meat. Also some red colourings available on the market contain cochnial/carmine and some brands of silver balls and flower/sugar paste contain gelatine (especially homemade fondant!!)


The studio where all of my cakes are baked and decorated. This kitchen is used only for cake baking and so meets very high standards


All cake enquiries Please email me on samm@starry-design-studio.co.uk